Blackheath Personal Training Studio

We have helped 100s just like you transform their Body Fitness and Health we can all do it with the right training and a strong energising diet!

Start getting the body and Health you want!
1x 1 to 1 Personal Training 1hour Sessions = £65
5x 1 to 1 Personal Training 1hour Sessions = £325 (£65)
8x 1 to 1 Personal Training 1hour Sessions = £520 (£65)
10x 1 to 1 Personal Training 1hour Sessions = £625 (£62.5)
NEED A NEW BODY FAST?=BOOK >The Ultimate 36 hour intense Programme £ 2160 (£60)
All Programmes include Nutritional Advice

Try our Get Started Gift Voucher for a friend or family member 3 training sessions = £180




FRAN OUR mASTER DEGREE LEVEL Nutritional Therapist

clinical Nutritionist Programme Prices

Price list:
1hr Nutritional Session- £60
Weekly Tailored Nutritionist food plans- £120 per week
These are extremely tailored to each individual and include exercise, exercise regimes, rest days, food preferences, lifestyle, allergies, goals and information regarding the changes we are eliciting that week. This tailored approach will help you reach your goals quicker, widen your understanding of diet, nutrition and exercise and give you a healthy lifestyle which incorporates into your daily life.
10 pack- Weekly tailored food plans (4) and sessions (2) for a month: £600
This pack would include a months’ worth of the individualised food plans (4 weeks) and a session every fortnight (2 per month) to see your progress and weigh you (these are hr sessions) at a reduced price! Reach your goals quicker, increase your knowledge about diet and wellness and improve your overall health for the results you want. 



Make a Personal Training reservation with one of our team HERE


Every now and then we will do a special training session. We mix training with a bit of fun and surprise to add a little flavour back into your regime. Make sure you reserve your spot when you hear about these. 

By phone

Prefer to make your reservation via phone? You can make a reservations by calling 079 80 300 600 between 6am & 10pm. 


Easy Booking

Book Personal Training online and we'll do the rest

Our customers are busy professionals. Their time is the most valuable commodity they have and their health is their asset. So we've created a simple booking system to keep track of their training schedule. Select the time and trainer you want and pay online. You'll get a reminder and invite to your calendar. For our gold members, you'll receive a SMS reminder also for that extra touch.

With ease of booking, convenience of having the heath and studio on your doorstep, there really is no excuse. 


1 - 1 Personal Training in Blackheath

Our customers wanted the convenience and expertise to help them get into shape and stay there. Launched by local celebrity trainer Danny Fisher to fill a need, we've thrown open the doors to Blackheath's very own boutique health and wellness studio. 

Small and intimate but packing a punch with local talent, the pounds are going to drop off and you'll be feeling like a new and improved you in no time. 

Or call us on 079 80 300 600 to reserve your place with a Specialist Blackheath Personal Trainer.


Blackheath Studio Clients Climbing Snowdon with us, here is a photo they took at the summit! Great times

Blackheath Studio Clients Climbing Snowdon with us, here is a photo they took at the summit! Great times