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Get Nutritional Information From Google

We're breaking away from the CES 2016 reporting today because nothing has materialised that is of interest. I guess it's back to basics, but the basics are what get real results so grab a minute and check out this quick tip. 

If you're anything like me, you use Google on a daily Basis. After researching a topic about the Apple Vs Coffee debate, I came across Google's Database of nutritional information. 

Do a search in Google's search field for Apple vs Coffee and you get the following nutritional information in Google's results. This is a great way to compare fruits, vegetables, meats and drinks while balancing a healthy diet. 


So give it a try and let us know what fun facts you discover. 

With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.

Ray Is The Most Stylish Fitness & Sleep Monitor Yet - CES2016

Following on from yesterday's post. We're reviewing the latest and best fitness technology to come out of the Internation Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, because we want to explore all the ways we can help make 2016 better and healthier for you. Yesterday we took a look at the OMbra from OMsignal which is a supportive bra jam packed with biometric sensors. 

Fitbit has announced Ray its most stylish and sleek fitness and sleep monitor yet. The features are mostly what you would expect from a fitness and sleep monitor device. It tracks steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, activity tagging and sleep duration and quality. But Ray's design is what sets it apart. It has a sleek cylindrical aircraft grade anodised aluminium body. It can be customised to be worn as a neckless or bracelet. It is water resistant up to 50 metres. The button cell batteries which are replaceable are said to last up to 6 months. So no need to worry about recharging this device. 

More detailed specs:

  • Replaceable button cell batteries with 6-month life
  • Water resistant to 50 meters
  • Aircraft-grade anodized aluminum body
  • Current accessories: translucent TPU Sport Band and Leather Band
  • Hidden 8mm spring bars for custom accessories
  • Multicolor LED display
  • Bluetooth SmartTM wireless syncing
  • Smart Button function for environment control (music, lights, etc.)
  • 3-axis accelerometer tracks activity and sleep
  • Piezoelectric vibration provides incoming call and text alerts, alarms, and movement reminders
  • Dimensions are 12 mm diameter, 38 mm length

With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.

Introducing The World's First Smart Bra - CES2016


The annual Internation Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas, Nevada, kicks off this week from Jan 6th - 9th. Technology is playing a bigger role in all our lives. So we'll be following what's new this year to help us stay more active, live healthier and adapt to modern living. Each day we will have a highlight to keep you informed of what's happening. 

The Ultimate Sports Bra

Although not officially launched, today we heard about the OMbra from OMsignal. This specially designed sports bra is a wearable technology and is due for release in Spring 2016. The OMbra is used to wirelessly tracks biometric data during workouts. While a companion app allows you to visually track performance in real time. The OMbra is not just a digital device strapped to a bra. The bra uses high-performance stretchable fabric to reduce pressure on the back and shoulders. This design allows for changes in the body to happen while maximising comfort during workouts.

Some of the research carried out found the following:

  • 70+% of women do not pick the right size bra
  • Straps are the most common complaint about sports bras
  • The way a woman runs will change depending on how the breasts are supported

Developing The Ultimate Sports Bra 

Yesterday we gave some running tips. Today we discover this bra and it's ability to store data so you can leave your phone at home. Perfect for maximising the comfort when running. One of the problems with making everything smart is the requirement of charging. You will have to charge your bra for it to run the onboard sensors and store and transmit the data it captures. Is the OMbra going to be just another smart device you have to think about charging? If you love running and tracking your performance then this could be a sound investment. The OMbra also integrates with Apple Health, Nike+, Strava, Trackmyfitness and Runtastic.

With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.

Happy New Year Blackheath

Ok people, it's the New Year and it's time to get fit. No excuses now. It's time to shake off those mince pies, any extra pounds and the winter blues. We're back to work and ready to kick off this year with a bang - book one of our personal trainers now.

We're the right side of the equinox so things are looking good. If you haven't had your New Year's run then now's the time. Running is such a fantastic way to motivate yourself. Do it today, take some time, 30 minutes or longer. Bust out those shiny running shoes and hit the road. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, fulfil that sense of achievement and complete the first step to a healthier you. You will thank yourself for it. 

These are our top tips for winter running:

Good running shoes make all the difference. You want them to be lightweight, comfortable and with adequate cushioning to absorb the impact of running. 

Wear tight fitting clothing or running gear. You want to avoid any flapping from loose clothes. 

Don't carry anything with you if you can avoid it. Keys, phones and wallets are extra baggage. They can be uncomfortable, noisy and a major distraction. 

Lot's of people run with music for various reasons and we love it too. But try this for size. Go without and focus on your breathing instead. Find the balance between your stride and breathing. Then enjoy your surroundings as you run, the sounds and the movement. 

The main thing is to enjoy yourself. Running is enjoyable when done right. Your body gets the exercise it needs and your mind has time to do its thing.

Nike Women's Winter Running Look

Nike Men's Winter Running Look

With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.