It's inevitable as we get older, the risk of health conditions increases. Reaching our 40's, 50's and 60's offers us a perfect time for reflection. So we spoke with older citizens and asked their advice on what they do to stay fit for longer. Their advice boilded down to these 5 easy to follow tips. They are non-technical, simple steps to help your future self. 

Stay active

It's a no-brainer, that by being more active keeps you healthier for longer. Use it or lose it. The average lifestyle consists of largely being inactive. We spend 8 hours in bed, an hour sitting on our commute, 8 hours at work sitting, another hour sitting on our commute home, no doubt more hours sitting on the sofa during leisure time. It's a very bad lifestyle and very easy to become accustomed too. So here's our top tip from speaking to our wiser citizens. Swap out inactive activities for active ones. Walk to the shops instead of driving. Walk up stairs instead of getting the elevator. Use a standing desk at work. Get out in the garden. Little tweaks to daily activities will mean your body gets the regular exercise it needs. 

Eat well

What you put in, you get out. Eating healthy is part of the keeping fit body mix. Unfortunately, we fall into the trap too often of convenience and lose track of what we're eating. By not preparing meals and not knowing what we're consuming is like spending digital money on e-commerce sites like amazon, we went to buy one book but ended up spending £100s on book bundles, a gift for a partner and household goods. So here's our top tip from speaking to our wiser citizens. Don't 'bulk buy and check out' on your body too. Keep track of what you're eating. Keep it simple, fresh and well balanced. Often it comes down to simply being prepared so we don't have to reach for the first convenient solution. 

Cut out the crap

You're older and wiser. But you still do the things you know you shouldn't. Giving up on bad lifestyle choices like smoking is the single biggest thing you can do to improve your health. This is the time to give up anything you know you shouldn't be doing but still do. So here's our top tip from speaking to our wiser citizens. If you're finding it hard to quit, you're probably in denial. Look to get support, there is plenty out there. If you're still struggling, come and speak with us and we will do our best to help.  

Manage stress

Mindfulness has become fashionable recently. You can even get apps on your smartphone to help guide you. When we're constantly influenced by external factors, these can all add up to negative stress levels on our wellbeing. We all handle stress differently and have different thresholds for it. So here's our top tip from speaking to our wiser citizens. Make time to have fun. Have a way to relieve stress, perhaps physically. Scream, shout or maybe zen out. Whatever works for you, find it and stick to it. 

Get checked

Sometimes health problems can creep up on us. As risk increases, it's important to take the time to get checked out. The health service fully supports regular check ups if you're not already doing so.  So here's our top tip from speaking to our wiser citizens. Don't delay, get checked up today. The immediate cost is your time, but the long-term reward is a healthy future. Getting regular checks mean you can identify early signs of problems and take the necessary steps to combat them. The early bird does indeed get the worm in this instance. 

I hope you enjoyed our no-frills, non-technical tips from our wiser citizens. We certainly enjoyed getting their well-tested advice. So there it is, 5 simple tips to stay healthier for longer.


With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.