Ok people, it's the New Year and it's time to get fit. No excuses now. It's time to shake off those mince pies, any extra pounds and the winter blues. We're back to work and ready to kick off this year with a bang - book one of our personal trainers now.

We're the right side of the equinox so things are looking good. If you haven't had your New Year's run then now's the time. Running is such a fantastic way to motivate yourself. Do it today, take some time, 30 minutes or longer. Bust out those shiny running shoes and hit the road. The main thing is to enjoy yourself, fulfil that sense of achievement and complete the first step to a healthier you. You will thank yourself for it. 

These are our top tips for winter running:

Good running shoes make all the difference. You want them to be lightweight, comfortable and with adequate cushioning to absorb the impact of running. 

Wear tight fitting clothing or running gear. You want to avoid any flapping from loose clothes. 

Don't carry anything with you if you can avoid it. Keys, phones and wallets are extra baggage. They can be uncomfortable, noisy and a major distraction. 

Lot's of people run with music for various reasons and we love it too. But try this for size. Go without and focus on your breathing instead. Find the balance between your stride and breathing. Then enjoy your surroundings as you run, the sounds and the movement. 

The main thing is to enjoy yourself. Running is enjoyable when done right. Your body gets the exercise it needs and your mind has time to do its thing.

Nike Women's Winter Running Look

Nike Men's Winter Running Look

With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.