The annual Internation Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2016) in Las Vegas, Nevada, kicks off this week from Jan 6th - 9th. Technology is playing a bigger role in all our lives. So we'll be following what's new this year to help us stay more active, live healthier and adapt to modern living. Each day we will have a highlight to keep you informed of what's happening. 

The Ultimate Sports Bra

Although not officially launched, today we heard about the OMbra from OMsignal. This specially designed sports bra is a wearable technology and is due for release in Spring 2016. The OMbra is used to wirelessly tracks biometric data during workouts. While a companion app allows you to visually track performance in real time. The OMbra is not just a digital device strapped to a bra. The bra uses high-performance stretchable fabric to reduce pressure on the back and shoulders. This design allows for changes in the body to happen while maximising comfort during workouts.

Some of the research carried out found the following:

  • 70+% of women do not pick the right size bra
  • Straps are the most common complaint about sports bras
  • The way a woman runs will change depending on how the breasts are supported

Developing The Ultimate Sports Bra 

Yesterday we gave some running tips. Today we discover this bra and it's ability to store data so you can leave your phone at home. Perfect for maximising the comfort when running. One of the problems with making everything smart is the requirement of charging. You will have to charge your bra for it to run the onboard sensors and store and transmit the data it captures. Is the OMbra going to be just another smart device you have to think about charging? If you love running and tracking your performance then this could be a sound investment. The OMbra also integrates with Apple Health, Nike+, Strava, Trackmyfitness and Runtastic.

With all our love,

The Blackheath Studio Team.