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Investing in nutritional therapy can help change your mindset and training ability to be able to reach the body goals you want. Failing to invest in your nutrition can have catastrophic effects on your energy levels and health.

Fran graduated last July from the University of Nottingham with a BSc in Nutrition and she also completed a Masters in Clinical and Public Health Nutrition at UCL (University of London)  With her experience and knowledge she can cater for people that have suffered medical conditions such as strokes and diabetes. 

Fran has helped many of those suffering from genetic diseases, or health issues including hernias, gout, EDS, diabetes and hemochromatosis.  Additionally, she caters for individuals who want to lose body fat or increase muscle mass in a healthy way whilst taking into account individual lifestyle. 

Fran will get you preparing mouth-watering meals like this.

Fran will get you preparing mouth-watering meals like this.

You will receive:

  • General nutritional guidance.
  • Help in controlling food allergies.
  • Weight loss strategies.
  • Weight gain strategies
  • Help in understanding how diet effects mental well-being.
  • Designing a diet that helps manage busy everyday lives.
  • Help in breaking addictions e.g. to sugar and unhealthy fats.
  • Improve sleep disturbances.
  • Improve energy throughout the day.


Weight Loss Nutrition Programmes

Weight Loss Nutrition Programmes

Frans Special Weight Loss Price list:

1hr sessions- £60

Weekly food plans- £120 per week

These are extremely tailored to each individual and include exercise, exercise regimes, rest days, food preferences, lifestyle, allergies, goals and information regarding the changes we are eliciting that week. This tailored approach will help you reach your goals quicker, widen your understanding of diet, nutrition and exercise and give you a healthy lifestyle which incorporates into your daily life.

10 pack- Weekly food plans (4) and sessions (2) for a month: £550

This pack would include a months’ worth of the individualised food plans (4 weeks) and a session every fortnight (2 per month) to see your progress and weigh you (these are hr sessions) at a reduced price! Reach your goals quicker, increase your knowledge about diet and wellness and improve your overall health for the results you want. 


For more information and to book an appointment call: 07904730592

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